Tag: Notes

  • whirlwind

    Notes A short story about the whirlwind in my head. I call it “The Kraken Unleashed”. October 2023

  • handbook for “radicaal niksen”

    Notes Writing the first pages of a book I have in mind: Handbook for “Radicaal Niksen”. Radicaal Niksen (radically doing nothing) means making a powerful statement in a world where we always have to be reachable, loud and productive.I discovered the hard way that this is not easy. That’s why I’m writing down the lessons…

  • unplanner

    Note & experiment Making an UNplanner to unplan your day (& life). July 2023

  • pieces of something

    Notes & experiment During my residency at Het Bos in Antwerp, I work in a very calm, empty and silent space. Instead of making Stukjes Niets (Pieces of Nothing) to create stillness in the public space, I now create Stukjes Iets (Pieces of Something) in the personal space. This makes the rest of the space…

  • empty residency

    Notes & experiments Starting with a two week art residency at Het Bos in Antwerp. I begin every day with 5 minutes of doing nothing, and write and draw about these experiences. July 2023

  • nothing – something

    Notes While recovering from surgery, I experienced how there’s a thin line between “nothing” and “something”. Nothing is filled with something, and vice versa, and it’s good to press the pause button once in a while and experience that. May 2023

  • asocial

    Note Note to self: try to be more “socially undesirable” sometimes! May 2023

  • moon & meditation

    Notes Looking at the moon and thinking about how meditation creates space between “earlier” and “soon”. Space to experience the “now”. May 2023

  • organizing

    Note I realized everything I do, is basically organizing all my notes, thoughts, feelings… And composing it into stories, collections and research. May 2023

  • endless loop

    Note Thinking about how every moment is a new beginning, but also an endless loop of events, without start or end. April 2023