gentle words stinking wounds

gentle words
stinking wounds

Find stillness in times of crisis. 💊

Last year, from March 16 until June 16, daily life suddenly came to a halt: the corona virus began to spread through The Netherlands and Belgium. 

The virus created stinking wounds. Vulnerable people became even more vulnerable, lonely people more lonely.

However, there was also space for healing activities. Such as collaborations between neighbours, the Black Lives Matters protests and online events.

During these trying times, Joeke van der Veen wrote a daily poetic prescription, a medical prescription in the form of a poem.

In Gentle Words Stinking Wounds the most gentle words are collected as source of inspiration to find stillness in times of crisis, both personally as socially.

Currently only in Dutch.

paperback / full color cover / black white content / poems / images
€10,- ex. shipping and extra costs