• the big nothing

    Create space in your life (and on your screen)

    Doing, saying, posting or being nothing can be a very powerful statement in a time where we always have to be reachable, up to date and productive. With empty events, posts, newsletters and more, The Big Nothing challenges you to create empty space in your life and on your screen.

    2022 – current

  • find your flow

    Find your creative flow and get your ideas flowing

    Find Your Flow offers tools and sessions to find your creative flow. First, methods from mindful, artistic and playful practices are used to create space for creativity to blossom. Afterwards, the ideas that came up are placed in The Pudding; the image of the world as a whole. It teaches us to connect with the flow within ourselves, others and the world, and to use our ability to create for a better future.

    2021 – current