• cow

    “Artists are like cows with 7 stomachs, who continuously ruminate familiar things until they created something new from it.”

    (I discovered that cows don’t have 7 stomachs, but only 4)

    October 2022


    In October I started a program for entrepreneurs. At BAAS Antwerp I follow sessions about marketing, prices and finance to start my own (Belgian) éénmenszaak (one-person business).

    October 2022

  • read the world

    Brainstorming with colleagues about a text about our library. The library holds a special place in our society, and gives many people access to this society.

    September 2022

  • listening to nothing

    In my search for empty space, I discovered the podcast De Weg Naar Waar Het Stil Is about silence. It discusses silence with people on the street, and one of them makes a surprising remark: ” I love to listen to nothing.”

    September 2022

  • how to be less productive

    Reading, writing and thinking about how to be less productive and decisive. Googling how to be less productive, without success. Apparently it’s not common to search for ways how to be less productive.

    September 2022

  • this post-it is empty

    Creativity demands space, in our head, time and environment. That’s why I’ve been experimenting with creating empty space, in my notebook, on my screen, and on these post-its.

    September 2022

  • observations

    I’ve been writing down observations about daily life.

    September 2022

  • wiggle room

    “There has to be “wiggle room” in life.” This is the best translation I could think of translating this Dutch sentence. It means that there has to be room, space to be not productive, to not do anything or to wander around sometimes.

    September 2022

  • connect & create

    Connect & Create (with) the (digital) world.

    August 2022

  • (on)gezellig

    Listening to the the episode about racism of the Rudi & Freddy Show podcast, and learning about how you sometimes must be “ongezellig” to start discussions and change systems.

    August 2022

  • the importance of the notebook

    Writing about the importance of carrying a notebook with you, as a creative process can never be predicted or planned. And about how documentation enables us to unravel the “red thread” in your work.

    July 2022

  • creating creates independence

    Reading the books My Dark Vanessa and The Body Lies. In both books women are taking back control after being controlled. Thinking about how creating and shaping the world (by writing, making or imagining), gives you the power to take control.

    July 2022

  • n̵͕̰̣̭̣͔͍͌ô̶͓̩̝̱̈́̓́̓̂̏͂í̵̛͖̣̹̝̫̏͌̍̅̂́̂̕s̵͉͔̭̮͍̪̞̰̩͌̌͗̉͂̐̆̎̕e̴͚̲̭̠͉̭͉̻̱͍͒̇̐̄́͒͛̔͊͝ ̶̨͕͖̝͜͝à̷̡̧̺̮̑̃͐͊̎͌̏͐͌n̴̗̺͎̰̙͔̒̇̂d̸̛̪̭̰͇͐̑͆͐ ̶̢͈͔͙̳̲̉͊̒̓̔̓̀͜ͅf̴̲̜̥̹̬̝̖̽͊̀̃́̃͝͝r̵̖̥̠̽̎̉͛̋̐́ḯ̴̠͚͖͓͚̳̫͜ͅc̴̠͕͔̈̕t̶̨̲̞̝͔̐̑i̷̧̧̻̖̗͍̤̗̟̝͠ơ̸̛̭͉͐̌͋́͝͝ņ̶̦̟͓̘͎́̆̈̎͑͠

    Unlike influencers and designers try to show a creative process, it can never be clean, slick and perfect. We need noise and friction to create.

    June 2022

  • corona 2.0

    I got corona for the second time, or actually, corona got me, pretty hard.

    June 2022

  • time + space

    Thinking about how we create, fill and are time and space. After asking permission to work part-time, I immediately felt more time and space. But I also experienced that if we don’t decide how to fill our time and space (or decide to keep it empty), it gets decided for you.

    June 2022

  • media wise

    Doing research to the possibilities and dangers of the virtual world. Digital and social media are more and more portrayed as merely negative: they’re commercial, energy consuming and superficial. The question is: can they still be or become a places for experiment and expression?

    May 2022

  • not to do

    Thinking about how to create space. For example, by creating a Not To Do list for every To Do list you make, or by creating a piece of emptiness in the digital and analog world.

    April 2022

  • making is building a bridge

    I went to the Maker Faire Gent and came back with a lot of inspiration and insights.

    April 2022

  • ego

    “It’s fine, to be no one sometime”

    Writing and thinking about how our ego is fragile and scattered by its focus on others. While it can be satisfying to be no one for a moment, and to focus more on ourselves.

    April 2022

  • connect [with] & create [the world]

    Writing my new artistic statement:

    Connect with
    and create
    the world

    April 2022

  • flowing notes

    Random thoughts written on and between the flowing lines of the notebook I (re)designed and printed on recycled paper by a local printer.

    March 2022

  • spring writings

    Writing about spring in my Flowing Lines Notebook. Experimenting with weaving texts together using the flowing lines and the space around them.

    Marc 2022

  • expression vs communication

    Writing about how communication is different from expression. Where communication brings a message clear and direct towards another person, expression is more about bringing an inner process towards the outside world. I believe both are very important to survive in our modern age.

    February 2022

  • movement / rhythm / dimension

    Thinking again about how life seems an endless cycle of circles. The head and the hands are part of the body. Me and others are part of the world. And time and space are part of… Movement? Rhythm? Dimension?

    February 2022

  • idea upon idea

    Realizing how ideas always build upon each other. Instead of replacing the previous idea, a new idea always enhances, enfolds the previous idea.

    January 2022

  • deepening

    Writing about how life, or time, doesn’t seem to pass by horizontally, but more vertically. Instead of taking you linear and staying on the surface, time takes you deeper and deeper, through the layers of life and yourself…

    January 2022

  • cycle of circles

    Describing how life just seems an endless cycle of circles. Circles that contain smaller circles, and at the same time are part of bigger circles.

    January 2022

  • library

    Even though I’m surrounded by books at my work, since I’m working full-time, I have less time for reading, writing and meditation. But I still try to make time to make and document notes, as it keeps me grounded and elevated at the same time.

    December 2021

  • brainstromen

    A happy mistake where I wrote Brainstromen (brain waves) instead of Brainstormen (brain storming).

    December 2021

  • inside out

    Thinking about a theory that creative people are turned “inside out” (for visuals, take a look at when Summer turns inside out in Rick & Morty (season 3 episode 5)). Their sensitive soft shell becomes their outer shell. This makes them more sensitive for impulses from the outside world, which is important to make creative work, but also makes them “overstimulated” more often.

    October 2021

  • the erotic

    Interviewing Rose-Myrtha Fortuna about “female energy”, and listening to the speech of Audre Lorde about “Uses of The Erotic”.

    September 2021

  • fluid

    Writing and thinking about how we’re all fluid, just like our creative process.

    August 2021

  • random notes

    Some random (Dutch) notes about nature, nothingness, time and distance, from during the vacation.

    July 2021

  • nothing = something

    More (English and Dutch) notes about my experiences with (doing) nothing.

    June 2021

  • the big nothing

    To become more familiar with emptiness and uselessness, I did nothing for 2 minutes every day for a couple of days. During these 2 minutes I record myself. Afterwards I make notes about the sensations I experienced.

    May 2021

  • found in [ ]

    Writing my master’s thesis about my journey from being Lost in Latency to being Found in Latency, as the latency (the delay created by computers and screens, but also by social distancing) also creates space for stillness, thoughts and reflection.

    April 2021

  • the flow of time

    Using the notebook with flowing lines, that I designed, for making notes (in Dutch) about the book Stil De Tijd by Joke Hermsen. This book is also about something flowing: time.

    March 2021

  • le père goriot

    Using a second hand book in French as a notebook. Writing about how we can give our “tiny, sometimes miserable, complex but also simple lives meaning”, by being part of something bigger than us. “Something that extends us when we can’t, something that embraces us all.”

    February 2021

  • endless printing

    Trying to print an infinite loop with a regular printer, by putting a long piece of paper in the paper tray and sticking the beginning and the end of the paper to each other. It didn’t work (the paper always got stuck in the end), but the result turned out to be interesting anyway.

    February 2021

  • intimations

    Reading and editing Intimations by Zadie Smith, and reflecting on the current situation of lock-downs and social distancing.

    January 2021

  • handwriting

    Reading and making notes about mirror-neurons and bodily sensing. Discovering how mirror-neurons are connected to using and reading handwriting, and how this makes handwriting more interesting than for example typing.

    January 2021

  • on beauty

    Reading and editing the book On Beauty by Zadie Smith. Reflecting on the text, and weaving my own texts into it.

    December 2020

  • crumpling paper

    Crumpling, smoothing out and scanning the same paper over and over again. Seeing how the scanning app (of Evernote) tries to smooth it out, but fails to do so.

    December 2020