personal process 2023

  • invitation for nothing


    Some experiments for invitations for “2024 – the year of nothing”.

    This is an idea for an campaign for a book about doing nothing, with empty posts, newsletters and ads.

    December 2023

  • stories


    Since I quit my job I started drawing and writing stories, about the creative flow, mental health and life in general.

    December 2023

  • adventure time

    Note & sketch

    I started going on “adventures”. This means I take the train or boat to go outside the city, make a long walk and drink tea somewhere.

    December 2023

  • sketchbook


    Since I quit my job, I feel a lot more space for creativity. I started in a new sketchbook with drawing and designing.

    I also started using different materials and colors than only my black fountain pen. Unfortunately, the colors didn’t look good on the scans. So here are, again, only black and white drawings.

    October 2023

  • whirlwind


    A short story about the whirlwind in my head.

    I call it “The Kraken Unleashed”.

    October 2023

  • handbook for “radicaal niksen”


    Writing the first pages of a book I have in mind: Handbook for “Radicaal Niksen”.

    Radicaal Niksen (radically doing nothing) means making a powerful statement in a world where we always have to be reachable, loud and productive

    I discovered the hard way that this is not easy. That’s why I’m writing down the lessons I learn along the way.

    September 2023

  • observations


    In a separate notebook I keep track of all my observations.

    These are texts about daily life, and explain my awkwardness towards normal things, such as work, social interactions, commuting…

    I gave it the following title:

    Easy Things Made Difficult

    September 2023

  • third life crisis


    While dealing with some sort of “third life crisis” (because: almost 30, life gets serious, freedom more scarce, possibilities more limited and ovaries more impatient) I write about what I want in life.

    I stumble upon a wish that seems very simple, but that lies at the bottom of everything I (want to) create:

    Making, reading & writing books

    … and tell about it.

    July 2023

  • walk


    Instead of starting the day at my art residency at Het Bos with doing nothing, I started this day with a walk.

    Together with two other residents, I walked through the city to capture shapes, patterns and spaces.

    I wrote the following text (in Dutch):




    Ver gaan om de lucht achterna te gaan

    Ver lopen om de lucht te openen

    Vergeten in de vergezichten van de maan


    in het lopen

    en hopen

    op een stukje blauw

    een stukje


    July 2023

  • unplanner

    Note & experiment

    Making an UNplanner to unplan your day (& life).

    July 2023

  • pieces of something

    Notes & experiment

    During my residency at Het Bos in Antwerp, I work in a very calm, empty and silent space.

    Instead of making Stukjes Niets (Pieces of Nothing) to create stillness in the public space, I now create Stukjes Iets (Pieces of Something) in the personal space.

    This makes the rest of the space automatically a Stukje Niets.

    July 2023

  • empty residency

    Notes & experiments

    Starting with a two week art residency at Het Bos in Antwerp.

    I begin every day with 5 minutes of doing nothing, and write and draw about these experiences.

    July 2023

  • nothing – something


    While recovering from surgery, I experienced how there’s a thin line between “nothing” and “something”.

    Nothing is filled with something, and vice versa, and it’s good to press the pause button once in a while and experience that.

    May 2023

  • asocial


    Note to self: try to be more “socially undesirable” sometimes!

    May 2023

  • moon & meditation


    Looking at the moon and thinking about how meditation creates space between “earlier” and “soon”.

    Space to experience the “now”.

    May 2023

  • organizing


    I realized everything I do, is basically organizing all my notes, thoughts, feelings…

    And composing it into stories, collections and research.

    May 2023

  • endless loop


    Thinking about how every moment is a new beginning, but also an endless loop of events, without start or end.

    April 2023

  • head & body


    Reading and writing about how the body is in charge when you’re creating something.

    April 2023

  • snow


    I went to France for a skiing trip.

    There I had an… interesting insight about how snow is just slowly falling rain.

    March 2023

  • the expanding & shrinking of space and time


    Writing about how my project The Big Nothing is about the slowing down & speeding up, and the expanding & shrinking of space and time.

    February 2023

  • pieces of nothing


    In the city of Antwerp, I made “Stukjes Niks” (Pieces of Nothing) to invite people to slow down and do nothing (or to look around or inside them).

    The Stukjes Niks are presented in the newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen.

    Also, Kavka and Het Bos gave me the chance to work on this project and present it the coming months.

    February 2023

  • dutch


    Writing about being a Dutch person living in Belgium.

    Thinking how to behave when I see another Dutch person in Antwerp.

    Should I wave, just like bus and truck drivers greet each others as “equals”?

    February 2023

  • the overlab


    Designing a logo for an idea I have for a while: The Overlab.

    The Overlab is a creative place where different disciplines, audiences and ideas overlap and can connect & create.

    February 2023

  • sick


    Reading and making notes while experiencing some medical issues.

    February 2023

  • small ritual


    Writing about how rituals create space in time.

    Starting with a small ritual where I make tea after my afternoon walk, and write or draw something in my notebook.

    January 2023