Category: process

  • not to do

    Notities Ik ben met mijn nieuwe snijplotter aan het experimenteren. Zo laat ik een NOT To Do List tekenen en uitsnijden. Dit past mooi bij de lessen van loopbaancoaching: dat ik bij mijn nieuwe werk niet meteen te hard op het gaspedaal mag duwen. Maart 2024

  • invitation for nothing

    Experiments Some experiments for invitations for “2024 – the year of nothing”. This is an idea for an campaign for a book about doing nothing, with empty posts, newsletters and ads. December 2023

  • stories

    Sketches Since I quit my job I started drawing and writing stories, about the creative flow, mental health and life in general. December 2023

  • adventure time

    Note & sketch I started going on “adventures”. This means I take the train or boat to go outside the city, make a long walk and drink tea somewhere. December 2023

  • sketchbook

    Sketches Since I quit my job, I feel a lot more space for creativity. I started in a new sketchbook with drawing and designing. I also started using different materials and colors than only my black fountain pen. Unfortunately, the colors didn’t look good on the scans. So here are, again, only black and white…

  • whirlwind

    Notes A short story about the whirlwind in my head. I call it “The Kraken Unleashed”. October 2023

  • observations

    Observations In a separate notebook I keep track of all my observations. These are texts about daily life, and explain my awkwardness towards normal things, such as work, social interactions, commuting… I gave it the following title: Easy Things Made Difficult September 2023

  • third life crisis

    Note While dealing with some sort of “third life crisis” (because: almost 30, life gets serious, freedom more scarce, possibilities more limited and ovaries more impatient) I write about what I want in life. I stumble upon a wish that seems very simple, but that lies at the bottom of everything I (want to) create:…

  • walk

    Experiment Instead of starting the day at my art residency at Het Bos with doing nothing, I started this day with a walk. Together with two other residents, I walked through the city to capture shapes, patterns and spaces. I wrote the following text (in Dutch): Verlopen Vergeten Vergaan Ver gaan om de lucht achterna…

  • unplanner

    Note & experiment Making an UNplanner to unplan your day (& life). July 2023