Category: 2023

  • invitation for nothing

    Experiments Some experiments for invitations for “2024 – the year of nothing”. This is an idea for an campaign for a book about doing nothing, with empty posts, newsletters and ads. December 2023

  • stories

    Sketches Since I quit my job I started drawing and writing stories, about the creative flow, mental health and life in general. December 2023

  • adventure time

    Note & sketch I started going on “adventures”. This means I take the train or boat to go outside the city, make a long walk and drink tea somewhere. December 2023

  • sketchbook

    Sketches Since I quit my job, I feel a lot more space for creativity. I started in a new sketchbook with drawing and designing. I also started using different materials and colors than only my black fountain pen. Unfortunately, the colors didn’t look good on the scans. So here are, again, only black and white…

  • whirlwind

    Notes A short story about the whirlwind in my head. I call it “The Kraken Unleashed”. October 2023

  • handbook for “radicaal niksen”

    Notes Writing the first pages of a book I have in mind: Handbook for “Radicaal Niksen”. Radicaal Niksen (radically doing nothing) means making a powerful statement in a world where we always have to be reachable, loud and productive.I discovered the hard way that this is not easy. That’s why I’m writing down the lessons…

  • observations

    Observations In a separate notebook I keep track of all my observations. These are texts about daily life, and explain my awkwardness towards normal things, such as work, social interactions, commuting… I gave it the following title: Easy Things Made Difficult September 2023

  • third life crisis

    Note While dealing with some sort of “third life crisis” (because: almost 30, life gets serious, freedom more scarce, possibilities more limited and ovaries more impatient) I write about what I want in life. I stumble upon a wish that seems very simple, but that lies at the bottom of everything I (want to) create:…

  • walk

    Experiment Instead of starting the day at my art residency at Het Bos with doing nothing, I started this day with a walk. Together with two other residents, I walked through the city to capture shapes, patterns and spaces. I wrote the following text (in Dutch): Verlopen Vergeten Vergaan Ver gaan om de lucht achterna…

  • unplanner

    Note & experiment Making an UNplanner to unplan your day (& life). July 2023