Category: 2022

  • information overload

    Notes Drinking tea across from “Het Sterretje”; a shop with so much information on the window you can’t grasp it all at once. Thinking about how we can say more by saying less. Or, how we can just say less, sometimes. December 2022

  • cow

    Note “Artists are like cows with 7 stomachs, who continuously ruminate familiar things until they created something new from it.” (I later discovered that cows don’t have 7 stomachs, but only 4). October 2022

  • baas boss

    Note In October I started a program for entrepreneurs. At Baas Antwerp I follow sessions about marketing and finances to start my own éénmanszaak éénmenszaak (business led by one person) in Belgium. October 2022

  • read the world

    Note Brainstorming with colleagues about a promotional text for our library. The library holds a special place in our society, and gives many people access to this society. September 2022

  • listening to nothing

    Note In my search for empty space, I discovered the podcast De Weg Naar Waar Het Stil Is about silence. It discusses silence with people on the street, and one of them makes a surprising remark: ” I love to listen to nothing.” September 2022

  • how to be less productive

    Notes & experiments Reading, writing and thinking about how to be less productive and decisive. Googling how to be less productive, without success. Apparently it’s not common to search for ways how to be less productive. September 2022

  • this post-it is empty

    Notes Creativity demands space, in our head and our environment. That’s why I’ve been experimenting with creating empty space, in my agenda, on my screen, and at the office with these post-its. September 2022

  • observations

    Notes Observations about daily life. September 2022

  • wiggle room

    Note “There has to be “wiggle room” in life.” This is the best translation I could think of translating this Dutch sentence. It means that there has to be room, space to be not productive, to not do anything or to wander around sometimes. September 2022

  • connect & create

    Notes Connect & Create (with) the (digital) world. August 2022