find your flow

Finding your creative flow and getting your ideas flowing.

Find Your Flow offers tools and ideas to find your creative flow. First, methods from mindful, artistic and playful practices are used to create space for creativity to blossom. Afterwards, the ideas that came up are placed in The Pudding; the image of ourselves, others and the world as a whole. It teaches us to connect with our ability to create, and to use this for a better future.

For students and young professionals.

2022 – current

connect & create

Becoming a creative and critical citizen of the (digital) world

Connect & Create explores how to be a creative and critical citizen of the (digital) world. It presents practical tools to connect with, and to create the (digital) world.

For youth and their parents, teachers, youth workers and librarians.

2022 – current

not to do

Thinking about how to create space. For example, by creating a Not To Do list for every To Do list you make, or by creating a piece of emptiness in the digital and analog world.

April 2022


“It’s fine, to be no one sometimes”

Writing and thinking about how our ego is fragile and scattered by its focus on others. While it can be satisfying to be no one for a moment, and to focus more on ourselves.

April 2022

expression vs communication

Writing about how communication is different from expression. Where communication brings a message clear and direct towards another person, expression is more about bringing an inner process towards the outside world. I believe both are very important to survive in our modern age.

February 2022