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  • nothing – something

    Notes While recovering from surgery, I experienced how there’s a thin line between “nothing” and “something”. Nothing is filled with something, and vice versa, and it’s good to press the pause button once in a while and experience that. May 2023

  • asocial

    Note Note to self: try to be more “socially undesirable” sometimes! May 2023

  • moon & meditation

    Notes Looking at the moon and thinking about how mediation creates space between “earlier” and “soon”. Space to experience the “now”. May 2023

  • organizing

    Note I realized everything I do, is basically organizing all my notes, thoughts, feelings… And composing it into stories, collections and research. May 2023

  • endless loop

    Note Thinking about how every moment is a new beginning, but also an endless loop of events, without start or end. April 2023

  • head & body

    Note Reading and writing about how the body is in charge when you’re creating something. April 2023

  • snow

    Note I went to France for a skiing trip. There I had an… interesting insight about how snow is just slowly falling rain. March 2023

  • the expanding & shrinking of space and time

    NoteWriting about how my project The Big Nothing is about the slowing down & speeding up, and the expanding & shrinking of space and time. February 2023

  • pieces of nothing

    Notes In the city of Antwerp, I made “Stukjes Niks” (Pieces of Nothing) to invite people to slow down and do nothing (or to look around or inside them). The Stukjes Niks are presented in the newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen. Also, Kavka and Het Bos gave me the chance to work on this project and […]

  • dutch

    Note Writing about being a Dutch person living in Belgium. Thinking how to behave when I see another Dutch person in Antwerp. Should I wave, just like bus and truck drivers greet each others as “equals”? February 2023