• let’s get lost in latency

    let’s get lost in latency

    Asking my Instagram followers to send a message to my printer. Provoking distorted, delayed but also surprising communication, to get lost in latency together. Replying to all messages with a personal and poetic message.
    March 2021

  • endless printing

    endless printing

    Trying to print an infinite loop with a regular printer, by putting a long piece of paper in the paper tray and sticking the beginning and the end of the paper to each other.
    February 2021

  • visual poetry

    visual poetry

    Inspired by concrete and visual poem, creating a poem that can be read apart and as a whole with magnets.
    February 2021

  • spatial poetry

    spatial poetry

    Notes and texts displayed spatially in my studio, scanned and translated to 2D again.
    January 2021

  • layered lines

    layered lines

    Working with transparent paper to create layered lines.
    December 2020

  • crumbling paper

    crumpling paper

    Crumpling, smoothing out and scanning the same paper over and over again. Creating a notebook with crumpled pages and other paper defects and details, instead of blank pages.

    December 2020

  • folding folds

    folding folds

    Folding paper at the same place over and over again, until it’s seen on the scan, which is normally smoothed out as much as possible by the Evernote scanning app.
    December 2020

  • this is not paper

    this is not paper

    Making a bigger and bigger rip in the paper until the paper is not seen as “paper” anymore by the Evernote scanning app.
    December 2020

  • distanced printing

    distanced printing

    Sending (almost) daily a personal note to a printer in Groningen from Antwerp.
    November 2020

  • can you me read?

    can you me read?

    Trying to translate my Dutch handwriting to English with Google Lens. Ending up as the translator myself, as I change my handwriting and sentence so Google Lens can actually understand me.
    November 2020