• library


    Even though I’m surrounded by books at my work, since I’m working full-time, I have less time for reading, writing and meditation. But I still try to make time to make and document notes.
    December 2021

  • brainstromen


    A happy mistake where I write Brainstromen (brain waves) instead of Brainstormen (brain storming).
    December 2021

  • inside out

    inside out

    Thinking about a theory that creative people are turned “inside out” (for visuals, take a look at when Summer turns inside out in Rick & Morty (season 3 episode 5)). Their sensitive soft shell becomes their outer shell. This makes them more sensitive for impulses from the outside world, which is important to make creative work, but also makes them “overstimulated” more often.
    October 2021

  • the erotic

    the erotic

    Interviewing Rose-Myrtha Fortuna about “female energy” and listening to the speech of Audre Lorde about “Uses of The Erotic”.
    September 2021

  • fluid


    Writing and thinking about how we’re all fluid, just like our creative process.
    August 2021

  • random notes

    random notes

    Some random (Dutch) notes from during the vacation.
    July 2021

  • nothing = something

    nothing = something

    More notes from my experiences with (doing) nothing.
    June 2021

  • the big nothing

    the big nothing

    To become more familiar with emptiness and uselessness, I do nothing for 2 minutes every day. During these 2 minutes I record myself. Afterwards I make notes.
    May 2021

  • found in [ ]

    found in [ ]

    Writing my master’s thesis about my journey from being Lost in Latency to being Found in Latency, as the latency (delay) also creates space for stillness, thoughts and reflection.
    April 2021

  • the flow of the time

    the flow of the time

    Using the notebook with flowing lines, that I designed, for making notes (in Dutch) about the book Stil De Tijd by Joke Hermsen, about the flow of the time.
    March 2021

  • le père goriot

    le père goriot

    Using a second hand book in French as a notebook. Writing about how we can give our “tiny, sometimes miserable, complex but also simple lives meaning”, by being part of something bigger than us. “Something that extends us when we can’t, something that embraces us all.”
    February 2021

  • endless printing

    endless printing

    Trying to print an infinite loop with a regular printer, by putting a long piece of paper in the paper tray and sticking the beginning and the end of the paper to each other. It didn’t work, but ended up interesting anyway.
    February 2021

  • intimations


    Reading and editing Intimations by Zadie Smith.
    January 2021

  • handwriting


    Reading and making notes about mirror-neurons and bodily sensing.
    January 2021

  • on beauty

    on beauty

    Reading and editing the book On Beauty by Zadie Smith. Reflecting on the text, and weaving my own texts into it.
    December 2020

  • crumbling paper

    crumpling paper

    Crumpling, smoothing out and scanning the same paper over and over again.

    December 2020

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