Joeke van der Veen (1994, The Netherlands) writes and teaches about connection and creativity. She designs products for youth, students, and professionals.

After her Bachelor’s degree in Lifestyle & Design at Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam, Joeke started her career at the makerspace: a collaborative workspace where everyone is welcome to engage with creative technologies. Both in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, as well as in San Fransisco and Shanghai, she shared her knowledge with the maker movement. These collaborations led to the founding of her creative projects for children: Meekit and Connect & Create.

During her Master’s degree in Media, Art, Design, & Technology at the Frank Mohr Institute Groningen, Joeke further developed her vision on connection and creativity. Specifically, on how our connections with ourselves, the other, and the outside world enables us to shape this very world, both in and outside ourselves. Joeke is committed to make this vision available for all layers of society; not only by writing about it, but also by teaching and designing products.

Contact Joeke at info@joekevanderveen.com
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