➞ Working with youth, creativity & tech between the books of library Bib Park
➞ Collecting pieces of everyday life on paper

During her Bachelor’s degree in Lifestyle & Design at the Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam, Joeke started her career at the makerspace. Here she learned how creativity allows us to connect with ourselves, others and the world. This led to the founding of her project for young makers: Meekit.

During her Master’s degree in Media, Art, Design & Technology at the Frank Mohr Institute Groningen, Joeke focused on her more personal and poetic work. Her collection of notes, experiments and reflections is translated into (note)books and inspirational sessions.

Joeke currently lives and works in Antwerp. She is committed to make her vision available for all layers of society. At Bibliotheek Merksem, she inspires youth to use their creativity to connect with, and shape the world in and outside themselves.

Contact Joeke at info@joekevanderveen.com
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