the pudding

What: poetry, theory, philosophy and imagery
Why: to offer a sense of awareness and trust in the bigger whole we’re all part of
For: adults and children
With: coming soon
Where: coming soon

It’s the idea of full connection with the world around us, that is evident for The Pudding. In a time where we’re living as autonomous individuals, solely focused on success and power, we’ve lost connection with everything of value. The Pudding is a metaphor for the bigger whole that connects us with each other and the world around us. The Pudding puts us in motion, and we put The Pudding in motion. Our ideas, words and choices give shape to The Pudding. This project explores two parts:

The What, Why and How

Through poetry, theory and philosophy, the idea of The Pudding is being explored. The beliefs and observations are supported by great historical and contemporary thinkers, such as Baruch Spinoza, Charles Darwin and Daniel Kahneman.

The Who, Where and When

By talks, publications and interactive sessions, the idea of The Pudding is being shared. This approach can be seen as a campaign, where the audience experiences the so-called Pudding Effect and is invited to join, shape and become aware of The Pudding.