do it yourself together

What: online platform, maker activities and kits
Why: to build a community, to share and to create
For: young makers
With: Voordekunst, Bouwkeet, Gembird, Heutink

Meekit was founded to connect young makers and to empower them to work with technologies and creativity. Ever since, Meekit has transformed in a total concept consisting out of three elements:

Online platform offers young makers an online environment to share their projects, skills and ideas with each other. The platform was funded by a crowdfunding campaign at and designated “project of the month” by Voordekunst Kiest.


Meekit organizes maker activities for children, parents and teachers. An example is Draw It Together, an interactive installation where young makers can become part of a big art piece by creating their own Drawbot.


By providing maker kits full of materials, Meekit gives children and their families, schools and libraries the chance to work with technologies and to use their creativity.